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Things To Know About Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment

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Before actually stepping up in to the trigeminal neuralgia treatment, let us first discuss on what it is and the important information about that disease. When you feel a pain similar to shooting in your face, then that is called as tic douloureux or simple trigeminal neuralgia. This is very common nowadays and it can be very easily cured by following a simple trigeminal neuralgia treatment. First of all, let us see the causes of it.

trigeminal neuralgia


–          When the blood vessel that is situated at the trigeminal nerve root is pressurised, then it can cause you trigeminal neuralgia.

–          As you are getting old, there is an increased chance of getting affected to trigeminal neuralgia. So, it can also be considered as a cause of this.

–          When you have a tumour in your trigeminal nerve and if the pressure on the tumour increases, it can also cause trigeminal neuralgia. But, as the chances of getting a tumour on trigeminal nerve is very less, the chances of this cause is also very rare when being compared to the other causes of it. If you want to learn about 12 cranial nerves, you can visit homapage.

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