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Cranial Nerves Mnemonics

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We have varied cranial nerves mnemonics for you. Whichever is easier for you, try it !

  • Ooooh, ooooh, o00oh to touch and feel very good velvet. Such heaven…
  • On old Olympus towering top a Fin and German viewed some hops…
  • Oh, Oh, Oh, To Touch And Feel Virgin Girls’ Vag… and Hym….scranial nerves mnemonics
  • On = OlfactoryOld = Optic Olympus = Oculomotor Tiny = TrochlearTops = Trigeminal A = AbducensFinn = Facial Van = Vestibulocochlear German = GlossopharynealViewed = Vagus Some = Spinal/Accessory Hops = Hypoglossal
  • Olive Oil On Tasty Treats Are Fun And Give Victor A Hard-On
  • “SSMMBMBSBBMM” Sensory Motor Both

12 cranial nerves mnemonics

Cranial Nerves Mnemonics for students

cranial nerves mnemonics 12

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